We build sales teams, from global VPs to account executives

The best candidates are not applying to job postings. We take a relational and proactive approach to match exceptional candidates with inspiring companies.

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Over 15 years in Business

Over a decade of experience has led us to being one of the most reliably consistent placement companies in the field. No matter your location or position needed, let our team of experts present you with a collection of curated professionals, perfectly chosen for the job at hand.

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Access Candidates Not Applying To Job Ads

Top producers won't jeopardize their income by spreading their resumes around the Internet. We provide you access to candidates who have a confidential reason to consider something new, and who already have relationships with the customers you want to have.


We Match On More Than Just Personality

We only deliver candidates with the highest percentage match to your opening. Our proprietary "SalesTags" process catalogs the essential sales skills and attributes of every candidate we interview.


Focus Equals Speed & Efficiency

We do one thing very well: We build and deliver sales talent. Ask the other firms you are considering what percentage of their business is sales recruiting. Don’t accept anything less than 100% as attracting top sales performers and leaders is different than any other department.

About our Founder

chris cimino

With a lifelong passion for connecting people, Chris has leveraged that gift to help other companies succeed for the last 15 years. SalesPro Connect is a family run firm with an emphasis on quality and helping companies gain access to talent that can fuel growth.

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